Why Lifestyle?

We decided to incorporate a lifestyle element into our nomadplans blog as I’ve always been interested in personal development. I’ve read lots of books around positivity, productivity, health, diet, exercise and habits… Although this in no way makes me an expert, I found after reading some resources, the “takeaway” element, which applied to me, could often be summed up in a couple of sentences.

Kettlebells & cream eggs…

I also realised that reading the book didn’t magic up an instant 4 stone weight loss. Neither did making notes, on the sofa, whilst watching a kettlebells DVD and polishing off a box of cream eggs, obliterate my bat wings. I think I was suffering from information overload, “analysis paralysis,” as it’s known. I’m sure being in this position isn’t unique to us. There are copious amounts of resources available and much conflicting information. Reading, I can now see, for me was the easy option. It was implementing my new found knowledge that posed the problem.

Poor Kerry tried to be supportive and listen to my latest “miracle findings.” She acknowledged that I’d helpfully shared my latest self-help download on her kindle… But, jumping about from one thing to another, dabbling half-heartedly in this and that, did not result in much long-term progress. Instead, we became quite fed up with things, despondent and chose to ignore the evidence, clearly documented in our photos…

A curry, beers and a box set…

It is only having made some major changes in our life, that we are beginning to reap the rewards of continuity. Before, there were always too many distractions. We were getting up too early and working in a chaotic, draining environment. It was hardly surprising that a curry & beers appealed accompanied with a box set.

There was, we felt, always something important and essential to do. We didn’t prioritise our health, this wasn’t high on our agenda. Yes it was an issue and we knew it needed addressing, but it was something we always “planned” on tackling later, but didn’t. I’m sure lots of people feel the same way and like us, just get on with it… But, I can’t begin to tell you what a difference losing almost 4 stone each has made to our lives. See our 8-week blood sugar diet post for a detailed account of our personal “gains” aside from the weight losses!

What are Lifestyle Takeaways? (not a curry…)

So, I decided that maybe some of our readers might like a Lifestyle Takeaway.  A piece of useful information, a suggestion or an alternative perspective on something. Ideas that don’t cost a lot, if any, money to implement. Small things that most people could think about, without too much trouble. This could be from something that might help boost your mood or remind you of the importance of taking “time out.”

Taking steps towards developing a content & positive lifestyle

As I mentioned, I’m not an expert! It is my intention to bring a different element to our website. So, my posts will be based on personal experience and helpful ideas I’ve picked up along the way. Also, I’ve had an idea for a book. I hope to include elements of this within our blog and perhaps inspire others to consider taking steps towards developing a content and positive lifestyle.

Thanks for reading,

Claire & Kerry

Also, if you are interested in finding out about the different types of posts we write TAKE A LOOK AROUND our site.

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